DermaDeep RF Pro


Create professional results at home with Orlaya Skin's DermaDeep RF Pro, the only at-home and hand-held radio frequency device to use salon-grade UNIPOLAR technology.

This non-invasive tightening device will maintain the skin’s natural structure for longer. With gradual results over time it gives skin a natural, healthy and radiant glow.

Use with Orlaya Skin’s DermaDeep Serum; the perfect conductor of the powerful Unipolar radio frequency current.

*Each device is accompanied by 1 x DermaDeep Serum, 50ml. For more information on usage and ingredients please see here

Free standard delivery in the UK. 


The difference between Bipolar & Unipolar RF?

Radio frequency (RF) skin tightening works by targeting the tissue beneath the outer layer of your skin with radio frequency energy. Unipolar tech allows the RF to travel deeper into the sub-dermal layers, stimulating collagen and elastin regeneration. ​ In dermatology, RF devices are either Unipolar or Bipolar. In Unipolar devices there is one electrode, no grounding pad. The advantage of using Unipolar RF devices is that the current penetrates to the deeper layers of skin.

Why we need collagen & elastin

Collagen and elastin are proteins that underpin the structure of our skin, keeping it strong, firm and flexible. When this support network breaks down, mostly during the ageing process, skin becomes weak and that’s when you get sagging and wrinkles. The functionality of these proteins naturally decreases over time. ​ Our lifestyle also plays an enormous role in speeding up the depletion of these natural defences.

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