The brand

Named after the delicate white lace flower, Orlaya Grandifora, its likened to the delicateness, yet resilience of skin but the need to nurture and care for it in the best possible way.

Offering women something new and innovative through a new era of ‘pro’ rather than ‘anti-ageing’ whilst identifying the effects of the current world we live in, Orlaya Skin finds its place in a saturated beauty market. Where there has been an apparent rise in cortisol levels, which in most instances noticeably manifests on the dermis, skin can appear inflamed, dehydrated, dull, lacklustre and left wondering why the usual everyday treatment products aren’t working effectively any more.

Our Story

Founders of Orlaya Skin, Sally Cox and Joe Yu are leading a new path in the field of aesthetic skin technology.

With global technology at their core and expertise within the high tech product development and innovation sector (namely Samsung and McLaren) Orlaya Skin, The Home of Intelligent Skin Therapy has been created with a firm focus on pushing the boundaries on what modern day at-home aesthetic skin technology can deliver.

By identifying a demand for more powerful, salon based technologies in the aesthetics beauty market, Orlaya Skin launched in 2020 with the DermaDeep RF Pro - professional, salon based Unipolar technology, miniaturised into a new, unique-to-market at-home device.

‘We went about developing the technology to reduce this proven salon tech to an at-home device. With the size of the skin device market at £6.5 billion globally and rapidly growing 20% year on year, we could see the huge need for at-home salon-grade devices’.

Joe Yu, Co-Founder, Orlaya Skin

"Just like the body, skin needs to be kept fit - it needs to be nurtured yet exercised to maintain its optimal state but with anything in life, we all want to do it with a level of ease, confidence, comfort and luxury. We see a rise in the importance of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally therefore ensuring each person feels empowered in everything they do, sits at the core of our ambition."

Sally Cox, Co-Founder, Orlaya Skin

Alongside the DermaDeep Pro line, the DermaDeep Skin collection promises a strict ingredient list where synthetic preservatives have replaced any need for parabens and where botanical extracts lie at the heart for their skin health benefits.

Discover more about Orlaya Skin’s DermaDeep Pro and DermaDeep Skin ranges here