Before and After

Commentary by Dr Sophie Shotter

  • AF – 4 weeks image 1
  • AF – 4 weeks image 2
  • AF – 4 weeks image 3

AF – 4 weeks

The changes in this 4 week photo are astonishing. Most noticeably, the eye area is dramatically improved, with the crow’s feet lines at rest looking much reduced in depth. You can appreciate an increased tissue density – in the before photo the skin looks delicate and fragile, whereas in the after photo the skin looks thicker and firmer.

  • JG -  8 weeks image 1
  • JG -  8 weeks image 2
  • JG -  8 weeks image 3

JG - 8 weeks

These photos show some noticeable changes. First of all, you can notice how much more radiant the skin is, and how the light reflection is vastly improved. You can notice marked improvements in this lady’s static lines, particularly impressively in the horizontal forehead lines which are less deep. Another marked change is in the lady’s facial volume – you can notice very markedly on smiling how much more volume she appears to have in her cheeks. This isn’t through restoration of facial fat, but through improving the skin’s density. On smiling, you can also appreciate the improvement in the lady’s undereye area – the undereye tissue is much firmer, and creases significantly less on smiling. Overall she looks much brighter and healthier

  • JM – 8 weeks image 1
  • JM – 8 weeks image 2

JM – 8 weeks

JM has especially marked improvements to her eye area, which is the most common area of concern for most of my patients. On smiling it is obvious how dramatically reduced her crow’s feet lines are, and also how the fine, static lines are much less obvious. The other dramatic and noticeable change is in JM’s skin quality. If you compare the before and after, you can notice much improved skin radiance, as well as a refinement in skin quality. The pores in her after photo look smaller and the skin looks tighter.

  • RR – 8 weeks image 1
  • RR – 8 weeks image 2
  • RR – 8 weeks image 3

RR – 8 weeks

In my opinion, the most marked changes in this lady’s face are in the lower face and peri-oral (mouth) area. It’s easy to appreciate how much tighter the area around her jowls and lower cheek is. At rest, on the after photos, she looks subtly fuller yet firmer in her lower face. On smiling, you can notice a dramatic change in her lower cheek lines. These can be very difficult to address without injectables, but with the regular use of Orlaya, you can see how much firmer her tissues have become.