Why radiofrequency energy is a skincare gamechanger

How radiofrequency energy helps to stimulate collagen and how you can do this at home

Why radiofrequency energy is a skincare gamechanger

It’s all about subtlety. Not drama.

But the effect of radiofrequency energy (RF) is definitely noticeable. Our users have commented on friends giving them searching looks, questioning: “What have you been doing? Your skin is amazing.”

So how does our product - the DermaDeep RF Pro - spark this type of compliment? By working gradually, with a cumulative effect. You haven’t had ‘work’ done but you look discernibly better.

What your skin loses as you become older

It’s collagen and elastin that give our younger skin that smooth and firm look. But as the years go by our body produces less of these youthful elixirs. Even if you’re careful to protect your face from the sun, you’re still likely to notice that your skin becomes saggier, your jawline less pronounced.

In the past the answer was for some was to go under the scalpel, resulting in temporarily tauter skin but often a far from natural look.

Which is why radiofrequency is such a welcome new option, offering as it does an effective, non-invasive choice.

How RF gets such impressive results

RF works by targeting the tissue beneath the outer layer of your skin, stimulating production of collagen and elastin. The DermaDeep RF Pro is unipolar, which allows RF to travel more deeply into the sub-dermal layers without the need for grounding pads.

Previously you could only get these treatments in salons but with the DermaDeep RF Pro Orlaya Skin enables you to bring the treatment into your own home safely. So you can use it discreetly and at a time to suit you. However the results you achieve will still be of a professional quality.

What you can expect

Use your device twice a week for about 20 to 30 minutes and after six to eight weeks you’ll be noticing a real difference in your skin tone, thanks to the stimulated production of collagen and elastin.

You’ll find more instructions on how to use your Orlaya DermaDeep RF Pro device here.

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