We take a look at 'at home' Beauty Devices by skincare concern

We take a look at 'at home' Beauty Devices by skincare concern

If you're keen on making your skin look its very best, you'll probably be familiar with microneedling, laser treatment, LED treatment and other skincare techniques. 

But what you may not be aware of is which type of tech does what.  We take a look at the types of beauty tech out there and what skincare concerns they address.

Wrinkles & Fine lines

Technologies are split into two 'camps' here, those that work on the surface of the skin such as Microcurrent, Nanocurrent & Bipolar RF.  These work on the outer layer (epidermis) and have to be repeated very regularly in order to see ongoing benefit.

The DermaDeep RF Pro gently tightens the skin by stimulating the growth of elastin and collagen in the sub dermal layer. Structually changing the sub-dermal layer meaning that changes can be more pronounced and can last for longer.

Mouth lines 

The lines around our mouth that appear as the years pass are known in the beauty industry as 'barcodes'. An RF device is one of the most effective and long lasting ways to treat them, smoothing away creases. 

Sagging mouth and jawline

As our collagen decreases so the skin structure of our face succumbs to time and gravity and this can lead to the corner of our mouths and jawlines sagging. Using your Derma Deep RF Pro just twice weekly, after 6-8 weeks you should notice an improvement.


Bouncy, apple-shaped cheeks are a hallmark of a youthful face but this 'cheekiness' is prone to deflating as skin texture fades. The depth of the Unipolar RF stimulates a re-plumping You can reverse these effects to a noticeable extent with RF treatment, which will stimulate collagen to replump the cheeks naturally.

Crows feet

It's around the eyes that many of us first notice the signs of ageing. Those tell-tale crows feet creases that begin to appear. You can safely use your Orlaya device to lessen these. 

Acne scarring 

The skin breakouts are something we are glad to leave behind, but in more serious cases they can leave lifelong acne scarring. This is another area in which the Derma Deep RF Pro can help to improve your facial appearance, as it will soothe the surface texture of your skin, helping to diminish pitting and scarring. 

Crepey neck

Our necklines. It's said that this is the one area in which you have to submit to the ageing process because nothing can be done there. Actually that's not true. It's another place where you can safely use your Derma Deep RF Pro to improve, tighten and tone the skin, just avoid the area over the top of your thyroid gland.


Many of our users report feeling an improved overall look to their skin. As well as firmer skin texture - from the neck to the forehead - they say that their skin is 'glowing' more. 

There's nothing to make you look your best more than healthily glowing skin, so no wonder users are delighted with this particular result. 

Finally, you can use your Derma Deep RF Pro device safely in the privacy of your own home, at a time to suit you. No need to make salon appointments. 

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