How Unipolar technology works harder

Unipolar technology effect on skin

We're often asked what it is about our device that makes it so effective. Why do our users become fans so quickly? How is it different from other skin smoothing devices on the market.

It's all down to the exclusive Unipolar technology we have utilised. 

Unipolar waves

The Orlaya RF device uses Unipolar radiofrequency waves which pulse into the skin (stimulating collagen production and reducing the appearance of wrinkles). 

Unipolar technology is more effective because the radiofrequency waves (RF) penetrate more deeply (and safely) into the subdermal layers of the skin. 

Before the arrival of the Orlaya device, this depth of penetration could only be achieved in salons. You had to make an appointment every time you wanted a treatment.

But now with our RF device you can safely treat your skin at home whenever it suits you. Something that has not been achievable before. 

Bipolar technology 

Other at-home devices use more limited bipolar technology which has a much shallower effect on the dermal layers. To explain why we'll have to get technical. 

Bipolar technology can only manage much shallower penetration because the RF has to arc from +ve to -ve.

Unipolar technology does not require negative (-ve) ground and so can drive more directly into the dermis. As a result RF can reach deeper into the skin, as shown in the diagram above.

Which brings the subtle, yet satisfying, results our users are looking for. 





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