Meet Sally Cox, founder of Orlaya Skin

Meet Sally Cox, founder of Orlaya Skin

I met up with Sally and asked her a few questions. She is a very relatable, fifty-something woman with two grown-children, two dogs and a cat, who lives with her partner Andy. 


What gave you the idea for founding Orlaya?

Orlaya Skin has been in the planning for many years.  My business partner Joe and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to bring groundbreaking technologies to market that made a real difference to people.  The RF Pro is our first product but we've investigating others. So watch this space to see what has impressed us because we will be telling you about it. 

Do you use the RF Pro yourself and if so, how often?

I use the device at least once a week, but sometimes twice. If I’m going out I will often use it a couple of hours before and I see an immediate toning effect (which is very good for confidence levels).

When do you use the RF Pro?

I keep my RF Pro in my desk drawer in my office.  If I’m contemplating something or just need a break, I’ll give myself 20-30 mins of downtime and listen to a podcast. I particularly like "The MidPoint" with Gabby Logan.

What results from using the RF Pro are you particularly pleased with?

I had small lines on my upper lip which have completely gone and quite deep lines around my eyes which have improved hugely.  But overall, I just think my face has more volume and looks healthier. 

Do you protect your skin from the sun? Have you always?

I religiously protect my skin every day from the sun now .. It hasn’t always been like that.  I do remember when I was younger in the 1980s sun ‘baking’ .. if only I’d known!

vegetable garden

What’s your diet like? What foods have you noticed have a positive effect on your skin?

I try really hard to eat a ‘whole food’ diet that is mostly veggie based.  I probably eat meat two or three times a week. I have a vegetable garden which I love pottering around in. My ideal is to rummage around the veggie plot and cook seasonally from there. For me personally, I have noticed that sugar isn’t my friend (sadly because I do love it), so I do try to limit the amount I have.

Do you exercise? If so, do you think exercise affects your skin positively?

I love cycling, walking, golf and used to go to the gym quite a lot, but since Covid I tend to do most of my exercise at home.  I walk every day, do pilates/yoga five times a week-ish and have some weights in my office. I try and do some reps with them a couple of times a day - strength training is very important for middle-aged ladies like me! 

When do you think your skin looks its best. And when its worst?

No doubt, my skin looks at its worst when I’m tired and stressed (oh yes and after a couple of glasses of vino).  But there's nothing like plenty of water and a good night's sleep for getting things back on track. 

What skin advice would you give to your younger self? 

Slather SPF on your skin (every day on your face, winter and summer) and get under that shade more when you're outside in the sun. (Read more on what causes skin ageing here.) 

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