Detailed guide on how to use your new DermaDeep RF Pro

Detailed guide on how to use your new DermaDeep RF Pro

Welcome to the Orlaya Skin family. 

Congratulations on choosing a salon quality device, one that has 3 x the power of others and Unipolar technolgy which penetrates 3 to 5 x deeper than our Bipolar competitors. 

Along with our Award Winning Beauty Tech, comes some advice you should follow closely on treatment. 

How to get started

1:  Always use DermaDeep Serum as a conductive agent.  This has been specifically designed to work with the device and has a rich serum feel.  If you can't/aren't using DermDeep Serum, we suggest you reduce the 'Intensity' of the treatment, and try on a test area first.  You should feel a 'warmth' rather than intense heat.

2. Make sure that you use enough serum on the treatment area to ensure good coverage. You want to make sure the treatment head doesn't come into direct contact with the skin, only through the DermaDeep Serum.

3. Turn the power 'on', on the side of the device and then set your Intensity Level on the control panel.

4. Take the handpiece and press the on/off button once to turn the device on (release the button after pressing).  You'll hear a beeping noice whilst the device is operating, you will also see an undulating line in the top right corner of your screen.

5:  Now select your first area of treatment and work in small circular motions until the area is warm (just a few minutes or whatever is comfortable for you). Continue using the device on small areas until you have completed your treatment area.

6:  Use the device on a flat surface to allow air to circulate. If the device does require cooling, just turn off at the side switch, leave for 15 minutes and then carry on.

7: Leave 3 days minimum between treatments to allow the stimulated collagen & elastin to reform.

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